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This page was used for the amateur theatre improv groups Some Assembly Required and Made to Measure between 1998 and 2010. Some history, photos, and SAR documents are here:

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The Preserve / Some Assembly Required / Made to Measure

Canadian Flag Theatre Improv Workshops for Fun!

Ottawa - Ontario - Canada

Workshop Locations:

Fun Theatre Improv Workshops

Drop in most any Thursday evening (except when we're on summer vacation). Everybody is welcome; bring your friends. It's dirt cheap and your first time is always free! See The Preserve / Made to Measure on Facebook.

The workshops are currently facilitated by members of Experimental Farm Theatre (who also run other improv classes in Ottawa.)

Weekly Drop-in Theatre Improv Workshops

We would like to introduce you to the wonderful world of theatre improvisation through our weekly open, come-as-you-are, drop-in workshops. We meet weekly and encourage a fun, friendly environment in which to learn and explore your new acting improv skills. Beginners are welcome!

Our weekly drop-in workshops last just less than 2 hours and will take place starting at 7:30 PM (19h30) on most Thursdays all year! See the Facebook group The Preserve / Made to Measure. Contact us about the occasional cancellations.

Theatre can be physical; dress comfortably. The workshops last two hours. Everyone is Welcome, especially improv beginners! The cost is five dollars ($5 Canadian!), pay as you go.

Join our Yahoo Groups workshop Mailing List to be kept informed of date and time changes or cancellations.

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Where do I go to Drop In?

The weekly drop-in workshop location will usually be in or near:

  • Dalhousie Community Centre [DCC], 755 Somerset Street West
  • North-west corner of Somerset Street and Empress Avenue
  • Ottawa (Centretown), Ontario, CANADA

Look on the DCC notice board for The Preserve (or the old name Made to Measure or perhaps Some Assembly Required (SAR)) and follow the arrow to the room we have been assigned. We are usually in "Room 7" down the hall on the left from the main floor office.

Enough Words! Show Me A Map!

Online maps to 755 Somerset Street West may be found via MapQuest or Google Maps.

Arriving by Public Transit ...

  • Major intersections: on Somerset West between Booth and Bronson
  • Actual intersection: Somerset West and Empress Avenue
  • The #2 bus runs past Dalhousie CC on Somerset W.
  • The #85 bus runs along Bronson past Somerset St.
  • Nearest transitway: 5 minute walk: LeBreton (Booth St.)

Driving and Parking Suggestions ...

If you can't bicyle, walk, or take public transit, parking is available in a small parking lot on-site, at a larger city lot across the street, and on the numerous side-streets.

After Improv Suggestions ...

Since we are located in the heart of Chinatown, happy improv goers sometimes visit a local Bubble Tea room after the workshop.

WWW:  (that's .CA for CANADA, eh!)

EMail:   (c/o Experimental Farm Theatre)

Facebook: The Preserve / Made to Measure

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